To render coupon description/info for a product, the $product object can be used as follows:

global $product;
if ( $product ) {
    echo WooCommerce_Volume_Discount_Coupons_Product::render_info( $product );

The WooCommerce_Volume_Discount_Coupons_Shortcodes class provides additional methods that can be used.


The Volume Discount Coupons extension provides the following shortcodes:

  • [volume_discount_coupons] – Renders a pretty coupon with information.
  • [coupon_volume_discount] – Renders the generated volume discount information.

These shortcodes require the indication of the coupon code via the code attribute, for example:

[volume_discount_coupon code="test"]

… would render a pretty coupon for the couponwhose code is test.

Here are examples of several pretty coupons that are rendered on the Coupons page:

The first coupon is rendered using [volume_discount_coupon code="sweaterspromo"]. The reddish coupon is rendered using [volume_discount_coupon code="matchtops" color="red"] which includes a second color attribute that the shortcode understands.

The shortcode requires one or more coupon codes passed through the code attribute:

  • code : (required) A coupon code or a comma-separated list of coupon codes – which coupon or coupons should be displayed.

All other attributes are optional:

  • order_by : Defaults to none (renders coupons in the same order as given through the code attribute), also accepts codeand id.
  • order : Defaults to ASC, also accepts DESC.
  • color : Which color to use for the coupon or coupons: redgreenblue or yellow. More specifically, color CSS class applied along with .coupon-countdown-container and .coupon-countdown, defaults to blue.
  • stylesheet : An alternative stylesheet can be loaded, must be a valid URL pointing to the stylesheet.
  • show_code : Shows the coupon code. yes by default.
  • show_description : Show the coupon’s description. yes by default.
  • show_discount : By default, coupons show the automatic discount info. Use show_discount="no" to disable that.

Note that the stylesheet is only loaded once and only if the shortcode is used.

Coupon Settings

If you have not worked with coupons in WooCommerce yet or just need a refresher, you should review the section on Coupon Management before you proceed. To take full advantage of the extended settings we discuss here, a basic understanding of handling coupons in WooCommerce and their standard options is required.

Once the Volume Discount Coupons extension is installed and activated, when you create or edit a coupon, you will find an additional Volume Discount tab.

The additional Volume Discount tab provided by the Volume Discount Coupons extension.

Minimum and Maximum restrictions can be used to restrict coupons to a certain number of items in the cart, or to restrict it based on the quantity of a product or product category. If no product or category is set, the minimum and maximum (or both) conditions apply to the sum of quantities in the cart.

To restrict a coupon and its related discount, at least one product or category and a minimum or a maximum (or both) must be set. You can effectively use several coupons to define different levels of discounts for quantity ranges, for example 10% when buying 2-5, 20% when buying 5-10, 25% when buying 11 or more etc.

The Volume Discount tab includes several sections which we will look at in detail.

Volume Discount

The first section in the tab controls certain aspects related to the conditions of application of the coupon.

These settings are used to restrict the coupon based on products and quantities:

  • Products : This field allows to specify one or more products. Start typing the name of a product and select the appropriate one from the suggestions that appear. More than one product can be chosen. For customers to be able to apply the coupon, at least one of the chosen products must be in the cart, and the quantity must meet the minimum and/or maximum defined here.
  • Product Categories : If one or more categories are chosen, the coupon is valid if at least one product in the selected category is in the cart. The minimum and/or maximum quantities defined must also be met.
  • Minimum : Input the minimum quantity of the products that must be in the cart. The requirement is fulfilled if for any of the chosen products, or any product in the selected categories, the minimum quantity is in the cart. If no products or categories are specified, the restriction applies to the sum of quantities in the cart.
  • Maximum : As with the minimum quantity, the maximum restricts the quantity that must be in the cart for this coupon to be valid.
  • Apply automatically : Enable this option if you want to apply the discount automatically when the conditions are met by the products in the cart.
  • Sum categories : If this option is enabled, the sum of products in the cart in a category is used to check the quantity requirements. For example, 5 Apples and 5 Oranges in the cart would meet a minimum of 10 units of products in the Fruits category with this option enabled. If disabled, the customer would need at least 10 Apples or 10 Oranges in the cart.
  • Sum all categories : With this option enabled, the quantities of all products in the selected categories are taken into account. This makes sense when you have two or more categories selected and want to grant a discount based on the total units of products related to any of those categories. For example, if you have the separate product categories Women’s Jackets and Men’s Jackets and want to offer a discount for customers who buy 2 or more jackets from any of those categories, then you would enable this option and use a Minimum quantity of 2.

For product variations, if a variable product is chosen (i.e. the parent to its variations), the quantity in the cart used to check the minimum or maximum is the combined total of all variations in the cart. If a product variation is chosen (i.e. a product variation derived by attribute from its parent product), the quantity check is made for that variation only, independent of other variations in the cart. If both products and categories are indicated, one of the specified products or a product that belongs to one of the categories must meet the quantity restrictions.

Product and Page Display Options

The display options allow to show discounts where customers should most likely see it, right on the product pages and products:

Display options for coupons controlled by the Volume Discount Coupons extension.

For the products related to volume discounts, i.e. specific products chosen or those in the selected selected categories, the product display can be enhanced with information based on the coupon’s description and/or its automatically rendered volume discount.

  • The coupon description can be shown for eligible products on various related pages.
  • The generated volume discount information can be shown for eligible products on related pages.

Both the coupon description and the automatic volume discount info can individually be enabled anywhere, in product categories, when products based on a tag are displayed, in the shop, on product archives and on individual product pages.

Automatic Application Display Options

A set of options is available that take effect when a coupon is applied automatically.

Automatic display options.

The options available are:

  • Message : If a text is input here, this customized message is shown when the coupon is applied automatically.
  • Description : When enabled and the coupon is applied automatically, the coupon’s description is shown.
  • Volume Discount Info : When enabled and the coupon is applied automatically, generated coupon information is shown.


Volume Discount Coupons is an extension for WooCommerce. Use of the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce is recommended.

Install and activate the Volume Discount Coupons plugin.

The extension is basically setup-free and can be used right away after it has been installed and activated. Existing coupons and new coupons will have the Volume Discount tab available to adjust the settings that are controlled by the extension.

You will find the general settings of the extension under WooCommerce > Settings > Volume Discount Coupons.

The general settings of the Volume Discount Coupons extension are available under the corresponding tab of the WooCommerce settings.

The following general settings can be used:

  • Enable automatic application : This provides a means of enabling or disabling automatic application of coupons that are controlled by the extension. By default, this setting is of course enabled. For testing purposes or when it makes sense, automatic application can be disabled for all coupons.
  • Use inline styles : This is used to enable or disable inline styles that have been added in the area provided for that purpose.
  • Inline styles : In this area, CSS rules can be added that are included when the extension’s stylesheet is loaded on the front end. We recommend to use customized child themes and add appropriate CSS rules in their stylesheet, but this is a quick and convenient way of adding a rule or testing things without having to touch and upload CSS files.

We would recommend to leave these settings at their defaults when you have just installed the extension.

Volume Discount Coupons

The Volume Discount Coupons extension for WooCommerce provides automatic discounts and coupons based on the quantities of products in the cart.

The following videos provide a tour around volume discount coupons in action on the front end and a view on their settings on the administrative back end.

In the first video we get a customer’s view on Volume Discount Coupons in action:

This video shows several examples of the discount coupons related to the Volume Discount Coupons extension. Various cases show the discount information presented and the application to the cart when the required quantities are met.

This second clip shows the extended Volume Discount coupon settings of the coupons involved:


The extension is very easy to use and makes an approach that is simple to understand. It extends the settings for coupons with intuitive options, it does not rely on complicated rules.

A new Volume Discount tab is added where the extension-specific settings for coupons are available.

Coupons that provide a volume discount are a great way of increasing sales when customers are made aware of those discounts. The extension makes that easy and shows customers what discounts can be used on which products. It allows to display discounts automatically for eligible products on shop pages and also on the product pages. The discount information can also be displayed anywhere else when deemed adequate.

Convenient options allow to determine whether coupon information for eligible products is shown on product pages …

… and of course also for eligible products displayed on Shop pages:


The detailed options that are available are discussed here on the following documentation pages:

Feature Hightlights and Benefits

Thanks to the extension’s additional coupon features, the spectrum of possible coupon conditions based on quantities is very flexible and vast. Yet because it keeps things simple, there are no complex rules or difficult user interfaces to handle. Here is a selection of possible cases that are covered:

  • Allows to restrict coupon usage based on minimum and/or maximum quantity in the cart
  • Can apply discount coupons automatically when quantity and other criteria are met
  • Lets customers also apply coupons manually for coupons that should not be applied automatically but still be limited to quantity criteria
  • Volume discounts can be restricted based on specific products or product categories
  • Can automatically show discount information for eligible products on shop pages and product pages
  • Allows to show additional customized information for eligible products and when discounts are applied
  • Includes shortcodes that render pretty coupons wherever needed
  • Cross-product and cross-category coupons can grant discounts on products based on the quantities of other products in the cart