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Welcome to WooCommerce Product Search

Using the best Search Experience for WooCommerce!

The Search Engine for WooCommerce

Your customers will love your store for this — it helps them to find the right products quickly.

  • A fast search engine that automatically indexes your products and optimizes search results.
  • Front-end and back-end searches are optimized to provide the best search experience for you and your customers. An advanced live Product Search Field replaces the boring standard product search field where possible. Your customers can even purchase products directly from the results it shows.
  • Powerful live search statistics are available in the WooCommerce reports.
  • The search engine uses weights to improve the relevance in product search results.
  • Make it ridiculously easy for your customers to find the right product in no time and add live filters to your shop pages.
  • There are plenty more useful features and yet even more to come soon.

Selling with WooCommerce just got a lot easier — WooCommerce Product Search.

Have fun selling!